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Classes on this page are offered by various teachers for www.TheHIPSenior.com. 

We offer these classes out of our love for senior citizens. Please take these classes and visit our website since these vendors help keep things free for all seniors.

July 4
Marianne Bailey

our teaching team


JR Mendivil


A strict teacher that has been teaching since the age of 16. Stella won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.


Marianne Bailey


Donald has a PHD in both Computer Science and Design. His beginner course is a must see for any aspiring web professional who want to learn from the best.


Could This Be You?

What do you teach?

We are looking for people who love seniors and have a skill to teach. Reach out to us at support@onlinetechlessons.com for more information!