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Empowering Seniors in the Digital World

Get help when you need it to discover user-friendly technology, tailored to your needs and enhanced with step-by-step guidance for an enriching digital experience.

“SimpliSenior Zoom Sessions”

We believe that mastering technology should be accessible, enjoyable, and stress-free – especially for seniors. Our mission is to empower those aged 55 and over with the confidence and skills needed to navigate the digital world with ease.

🌟 Subscription-Based Zoom Help Room: Our unique service offers a welcoming online space where seniors can receive expert tech support and guidance. With a simple subscription, gain daily access to our Zoom help rooms, where no question is too small and learning happens at your pace.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Supporting Families: We recognize that sometimes, tech support can be a challenge in family dynamics. While our primary goal is to assist seniors, a wonderful side benefit is the relief it provides to their adult children, often busy with their own lives. Our service adds a layer of support, enhancing the tech experience for the whole family.

📚 Engaging, Tailored Learning: Beyond daily support, we offer  classes on various tech topics, specifically designed for senior learners. From basic internet skills to advanced digital tools, there’s something for everyone.

Join our community at, where technology becomes a source of empowerment and joy for seniors and a positive touchpoint within families. Together, let’s embrace the digital world with confidence!

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 Welcome to a World of Easy Tech Learning for Seniors!

  • Simple Membership Sign-Up: Just select and subscribe to one of our friendly memberships. A world of easy-to-understand tech help is just a click away!

  • Never Miss a Session with Our Daily Email Reminders: We send out gentle daily email reminders with our Zoom link, so joining our sessions is hassle-free and easy.

  • The Perfect Gift for Tech-Curious Seniors: Looking for a thoughtful gift for your parents or loved ones? Our gift certificates and memberships are a wonderful way to help them stay connected and confident in the digital world.



For the Tech Explorer

Have Questions? Need Help? We are happy to help you monthly with personalized questions and needs you may have. 

This plan includes:

  • Three 1 Hour Personalized Zoom Sessions
  • New Downloadable Cheat Sheets Each Month
  • Unlimited Text and Email Questions
  • Monthly Web Tech Class





Two Months Free plus:

All the monthly options plus weekly tech class



$50 Hourly – One Time

Unsure if our service fits your needs? Schedule a Zoom meeting with us to address all your tech queries! In this hour, we’ll cover as much as possible to help you with your tech challenges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our commonly asked questions and answers.

How long have you been teaching seniors?

I bring over 20 years of dedicated experience in educating seniors, a journey that I’ve passionately pursued across various settings. My expertise has been honed in environments such as vibrant Senior Living Communities, dynamic Senior Centers, and a variety of group settings. Each of these experiences has enriched my understanding and approach, allowing me to connect with and effectively teach seniors from all walks of life.

How does the subscription service work?

Our service is subscription-based, offering unlimited access to our Zoom help room during designated hours. You can choose from monthly ($150.00/month) or annual plans ($1500), with the annual plan offering additional benefits and savings. For organizations, we offer tailored corporate packages, the details of which can be discussed upon contact.

Is my personal information safe with

Protecting your privacy and personal information is our top priority. We adhere to strict privacy policies and use secure methods to ensure your information is safe and confidential.

Do you offer support for specific devices, including smartphones and computers like Apple and Android devices?

Absolutely! Our team is equipped to assist with a wide range of devices, encompassing both smartphones and computers. Whether you have an Apple computer, a Windows PC, an Android smartphone, or an iPhone, our experts have the knowledge and experience to help you with your device-specific needs. From basic operations to more complex troubleshooting, we’re here to guide you through all your tech queries.

What kind of tech issues can help me with?

We cover a wide range of tech topics, from basic smartphone usage and troubleshooting to guidance on using popular software like Microsoft Word and Excel. Whether you’re struggling with email management, online safety, or even video calling on platforms like Zoom and Skype, our experienced tech experts are here to assist you.

I’m new to technology; will I be able to keep up?

Absolutely! Our service is designed for users of all skill levels, especially beginners. Our tech experts are patient and explain concepts in simple, easy-to-understand terms. We aim to make technology approachable and enjoyable for everyone.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Our goal is to provide flexible and risk-free tech support. If you’re on a monthly plan, you can cancel before the next billing cycle. For annual subscribers, contact us for details on our cancellation policy.

Still have questions?


"Joining was the best decision I've made for my tech journey. The patience and expertise of the tutors have helped me master my iPad and laptop, and I feel so much more connected to my family and friends now. I can even video call my grandchildren with ease!"

– Margaret 72

"I was hesitant about using technology, but changed that. The team is incredibly understanding and answers all my questions without any jargon. Thanks to them, I'm not only more confident online but also enjoy exploring new apps and features on my smartphone."

– George, 68

"As someone with aging parents who are eager to stay connected in this digital age, finding has been a game-changer. My parents were always hesitant to ask for my help with technology, not wanting to 'bother' me. Since they've started using, not only have they become more confident in using their gadgets, but our conversations have also shifted from constant tech troubleshooting to more meaningful family updates."

– Colleen, 47